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To dance like das Maschinenmensch.
Above the throng of stinking passion.
How divine.
Enthral their sick minds.
It’s my rite my design.
Break their backs.

I am Gynoid.
I stalk the souls of you lesser fleshy foes.
I am gynoid I am eVo.

The daughter of this churning city.
The spitting cog in its construction.
Deathface prettygirl.
It’s your right my demise.
Snatch it back.

I am the Doom Mistress.
I am the Doom Mistress.
I am the Doom Mistress.
I am the Doom Mistress.
I am the Doom Mistress.
I am the Doom Mistress.

Miss Machine lyrics — “eVo” 
© 2014 Maxwell Vex

 Music Monday (on Tuesday): Cop Shoot Cop - “Surprise, Surprise”. 
Here’s a nasty little number from the 1993 album Ask Questions Later

 Cop Shoot Cop were a bit of an anomaly as they had two bass players and no guitarists. The band’s name references the modus operandi of heroin junkies, not police officers shooting other police officers.
 I first became aware of CSC via Strapping Young Lad’s cover of their song “Room 429”.

Well folks, I’m now nearly three days deep into my experimental spirit-possession of the slinky n’ sylphlike Canadian-waif simulacrum I’ve come to refer to as the Deschênes Doppelgänger (i.e. the clone of Annie-Claude Deschênes that I mad-scienced up recently), and so far it’s been an action-packed adventure indeed! 
The past 62 hours of my “test drive” have been spent engaging in a varied and vast array of spurious activities too numerous (and in some cases too litigious) to mention here, but highlights include:

  • Experiencing a stick-hit-initiated epiphany*.
  • Getting into a slightly-unnerving floating-head-related adventure. 
  • Stealing various PRECIOUS THINGS (hearts, virginities, a tricycle) from a bunch of STOOPID BOYS.
  • Spontaneously growing a Dave Grohl Punk-Slappin’ JumboHand™ with which to perpetrate righteous retaliation upon some jumped-up jumentous jerkface loser who called me “Canada’s answer to Karen O” whilst I was gettin’ my karaoke on.
  • Aaaand… being molested by the increasingly irritating ghosts of fourteen filthy fuckin’ HIPSTERS (they don’t very much like the fact that, unlike them, entities such as I have the means to possess vessels of the flesh — nyah nyah nyah nyaaah nyah, suck it ya buncha useless puny spooks).

Rad shit tends to manifest itself wherever I go while in this form it seems. Bloody maaaahvellous it is! 

* Epiphiny transliterated:
 ”Say! This is pretty much a stick/dick-driven visual metaphor for what a whoooole lot of MRA jackwads seem to think is the way to treat a lady.
Right then, this brow-beating branch-brandishing bolshy bastard better have a
damn good explanation to allay my assumption that this is a case of ‘I’m gonna play-hit this little chick with a stick cos I could get arrested if I whip out my dick’ schtick or I’ll shove this branch so far up his ass he’ll soon fittingly resemble a pig on a spit.” 

… let’s just say it turns out he wasn’t innocently confused/mentally challenged/really-high and trying to knight me here, so I took it upon myself to ensure he has plenty of time to reflect upon and rethink his abysmal attitude towards women while he spends the foreseeable future in intensive care and shitting wood-chips into a colostomy bag.
Two wrongs certainly don’t make a right (this and about 43 other assorted wrongs have made for a fun few days for
me though, ha!), but goddamn was that ever satisfying.

Woo-HA! Social satire!
Now if you’ll please excuse me I have a pack of whinging dipshit hipster-spirits to “lose” in a high-stakes poker game, yo.

Fairly old, this (2011).

One of the “pre-production design illustrations” I did back when I was sussing out how the Gish house was going to look. I intentionally composed this one at a very “flat” and ‘straight-on” angle, as it was purely just a reference for me, to get an idea of how to block out this section of their living room. Doesn’t need to be fancy.



Page 3: Lessons learned so far.

Not even finished with the third page but had enough stuff to show and talk about process, so here goes! Growing up my least favorite things to draw were houses, cars, and trees. Today I still hate them and, more or less, they are all present here.The pressure is high with this drawing as it not only tackles my creative fears, but it is the first establishing shot of the series, so I wanted it to be kind of ‘grand’ and, well, drawn well.  Even with all the ‘preproduction’ exploring I did over the course of the past year, I still hadn’t really settled on a “final look” for environments, and therefore not a solid process. Working on this has been experimental in a lot of ways.

First I want to thank Paul Wolfer for his suggestion to give the house a basement. With his architecture background, he saw many mistakes I didn’t address, but the lack of a concrete foundation or basement was unforgivable. I think it helped on all accounts.

Successful steps:

-Starting with a rough, grey underpainting to layout the environment. This worked well for me because it’s the only way I can figure out any kind of perspective. It let me tackle the linework in a confident way, and let me explore and reiterate with some mild grace.
-Going over the underpainting with Flash brush tool for linework. Though tedious and Flash is pretty not amazing for linework, it does a lot of unexpected, fun things with lines, and it would match the line look for the animated things, (done in flash), so I stayed with it for steady BG’s. This way, when the water is animated, it will be relatively seamless with the BG image in terms of line quality.
-Using 3D Melony to plan out character staging/perspective/posing. This is the first time I’ve shown her I think. I’m a little embarrassed because she is a rush job and only meant to plan out drawing. She is pretty ugly up close, with her model, rig, and deformations all being thrown together. Still, she gets the job done. It will help me keep her on model as well as push camera angles to extremes. Here, I brought in the background rough I was working on into Maya, and layered Melony over top. Then I brought that image back into Flash to more or less trace, but look for opportunities to make her better with every line, of course. We are really far away in this shot, so much detail isn’t needed. She will be slightly animated as well.


-Greyscale value painting overtop the linework to make final coloring easy. So at the top you’ll see a refined greyscale value painting that I think looks pretty good. The hope was I could use the method of dropping the colors in under the value layer to speed things up. Well, I completely forgot how much I hate this method, as you have to do a lot of guessing as to what the colors are actually going to be like once you get photoshops math done (whether it be a multiply layer, color layer, or so on)…completely unintuitive, and is too easy to get muddy or unrealistic lighting combinations. So I’m scrapping the value painting per se — I’ll be referencing it a lot as I do my color redo. It was a helpful exercise. It helped me bring focus through value in a very dense image, so I’m going to try to keep that. But I won’t be trying this method again as it is doubling up on work.

Hope you guys found some of this interesting and as always hit me up with questions. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of “I don’t agree with your decision to keep posting progress/individual pages of the comic”, which I totally get. My philosophy here is to build interest in the project as well as offer a resource for budding artists/writers trying to figure stuff out like myself. It’s my feeling that this kind of “overexposure” (put negatively) or “behind the scenes look” (put postively) treatment will become more and more common in all forms of entertainment — especially the indie’s trying to get their tiny project off the ground. If it annoys you, you may not want to follow this blog and wait for to arrive…which will be a long time from now, just sayin’. :)

Rock on guys!

Miss Machine lyrics — Cacoëthes

Hiya kids! Guess what? It’s that time again! Yep! Time for another round of Miss Machine lyrics (written by moi). One of my favourites from the 50-odd MM song-lyrics I’ve been constructing over the course of the past few months, while you lot were busy, I duuno, getting laid or something.
Shit’s like, pretty deep stuff, maaaan.


Lyrics & Music: Clover Lunamarie Gish
© —— SconeFarm (ASCAP)

Cacoëthes, it once again creeps up on me.
Excusing itself
via hiding behind my various vulnerabilities.

It will consume all that moves within you.
Because you let them inside.
Because you let the demons in the door and this shit inside your life.
How easily I lead the demons in the door and this shit inside my life.

I’m always on the outside looking in.
I will make myself the inside in the eyes of others.
Forever chasing a good time that’s never

My ever-present greedy need to drown this Void.
My immature drives and fears and insecurities
like a noxious virus in my mind.
Just one more, just one more and more and more
and I’ll start having me some real fun.

A body bequeathed with madman genes.
Oh why can’t I see I’m just feeding a disease
(Feed the Beast of Need.)
that I inherited through the blood, through the womb.
The ever-present flames of addiction burn brightly
(A head full of bad wiring.)
when fueled by cells such as mine.
The ever-lurking whispers of affliction bide their time,
and wait to stake their claim on my mind.
On my life.

This Entity
that is driving me
is not my friend,
She is my Enemy.

A spiralling demise.
Wash this out of your life.
So many who upon Bête Noire depend
fashion for themselves a premature death.

I will no longer allow myself the false luxury
of turning a blind-mind’s-eye.
Why can’t I see the plain naked truth that lies in front of me?
That my self-perceived external foes
are just id-hidden internal woes.
Cooked up and fermented in a bitter malaise of my own making.
It’s time to shed this stinking skin of death within.
And rid myself of this piss-stained psuedobliss,
leave this all behind.

This is a road that can only lead to ruination.

It’s 3 in the A.M.
and I’m hitting the glass again.
I’m bouncing off the walls again.
I’m clutching at straws again.
I’m dancing with demise again.
My dealings are with fiends not friends.
I’m cultivating my own End again.

All lyrics IRL © The five-foot-something fun-filled sunshine-puncher himself; “laughing” Maxwell Vex.

Ed Edd And Eddy Purgatory Theory


We hadn’t always been here. But the neighborhood has. Even before it was a neighborhood on earth this one had been here. Here for those that would be lost on those cursed grounds, here for those who would die long before their real life ever truly began, here for those who never really wanted to grow up. We come from different times and we come from different lives, but one thing remains true of all of us. We lived on the earthly realm of the neighborhood at some point in our lives and died long before our time was supposed to come.

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I’ve been familiar with this for some time now, and maybe you have too. Nevertheless it’s a cool theory which I am rather fond of.

Ye Olde AquaticGoblinDóttir…

I came across this somewhere a few years back, then for a long time afterwards I just couldn’t seem to find it again online anywhere, and cursed the day I didn’t think to save it onto my computer. It got to the point where I was starting to wonder if I’d hallucinated the very existence of the thing in the first place. Then I got all paranoid over the notion that perhaps it was a case of ghosts actively fucking with me and I had to go have a lie down under the bed in the fetal position for a few days. 

But I found it again at around 2 a.m. today. Wooo!

Well, I still think it’s pretty damn funny. Mwaahahahhhaaa! haw. 
If anyone knows who the hell drew this, please let me know, eh?


Me arriving to #Chicago via Moreporks THX @maxwellvex #owls #happymothersday #dibujante #chibicelina

Proof that sometimes I’m capable of inspiring greatness. Helps immensely that the inspiration in this case was channeled through such a skilled and talented vessel as Celina Hernandez though ;)
This sketch comes from a conversation her and I were having during the wee hours the other morning, which drifted into the subject of moreporks, and then I (naturally) decided that Celina was obviously The Moreporkmaster, and therefore had a legion of the unholy things to do her bidding. Like getting them to fly her to Chicago so she could visit her Mom for Mother’s Day. Aww bless.
Her Mom is obviously well pleased, you can tell. I’m sure there are plenty of children around the neighbourhood for the ‘porks to rip into to while away the hours until they are called upon to begin the journey back to Celina’s place.

I harbour a boundless admiration of Celina’s artistic abilities. She can express more with a few lines of a quick sketch than many artists I’ve come across are capable of conveying via works of technical complexity that require a much greater amount of time to produce. 
And that’s just her when she’s mucking around with sketches-for-fun. Her fully-produced work often dwells in the realm of “stunning”, to my mind.

Celina and I have known each other for many years now (she was the first person who ever emailed me AotE fan art, and has drawn more of said fan-art over the years than anyone else that I know of, all totally rad drawings which in some cases influenced me to tweak the design of certain AotE characters here and there to incorporate her fan-art design ideas. I wonder if she’s ever noticed that I did so? Heeheehee!).
And a wee while ago she began drawing pics related to Chelsea and Millie, which totally stokes me out. It’s so lovely that she takes the time and effort to produce these sorts of wonderful little surprises for me when the fancy takes her. I’ll always appreciate what she’s done for me over the years in that regard, and much more.
Also, trivia: Chiquita Nereida Zapatero y Hernandez has “Hernandez” in there because it’s a tribute to Celina. How many people do you know who have helped inspire the name of a ghost? Me, I only know the one…

Celina lives in Portland, Oregon (also the place where one of my favourite songwriters/lyricists doth reside) with her equally adroit-at-comics-creation partner Mr. Mike Murphy, and together they churn out many varied comic titles and projects. Comics, my friends, are what this talented couple do. And they do so most masterfully indeed. 
One of these days I plan on doing some manner of comic-collaboration with Celina, once a suitable idea has emerged from my little Inspiration Well. It’s bound to happen sooner or later. But I’m waiting for something truly worthy of her talents presents itself from said well, ready to roll on over everything in its way like ye olde AquaticGoblinDóttir

So come along and get your clickety-clickety on, and perhaps you too will find that having their work in your life is as fun and enjoyable as I do, and have done so since lo those many years ago.

You rock Celina! :D

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